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Welcome to Habitat For Bats

Visit us on YouTube!

Visit our YouTube Channel and learn! Our YouTube channel is up and running! Chock full of great information about bats AND other interesting things.  Check it out… go ahead click now!  What are you waiting for? Visit our YouTube Channel.  Our channel is “h4bats” if you’d rather go search for it but really… why not […]

Buy Your Own Bat House!


If you’re looking for a bat house click Learn More below! We’ve been building commercial grade houses since 2006. We build for design, durability and quality. All of our bat houses are BCI certified and carry the “BAT APPROVED” symbol. Our houses are used by homeowners, profit and non-profit organizations and government agencies nation wide and […]

Bat House Locations

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We have shipped more than 3000 bat houses to 49 US States and our bat houses have made their way to several international locations. Why only 49 States? Well, Hawaii does not have any native bats and we let people in Hawaii know that if they try to order. Our Bat Houses have been shipped […]

Bat House FAQ

Bat House FAQ Here is a compilation of common questions we are asked about our bat houses. Where should I put my new bat house? Every bat house we sell comes with complete information on the best place to position a bat house and why. Without going to the length of detail in the manual here are some good guidelines. Place your bat house a minimum of 10 to 12 feet high facing South to South East. Look for a location that gets early sun and continues to get sunlight through most of the day, remember bats like it between 85 and 100 degrees F. Avoid being too close to trees where owls or hawks may wait for a quick meal. The side of a house, barn or on a pole is always a good option. Trees are generally (though not always)  less successful in attracting colonies. A few exceptions I’ve seen are isolated pine trees or large poplar trees with one side exposed to sunlight. With trees just remember, they provide a good climbing surface for predators and foliage can block sunlight. How can... 


Paint your own BAT!

Photo Gallery

Visit our galleries and enjoy looking around at some of the things we have done and some of our customers bat houses. If you have one of our bat houses installed, be sure to send us a photo so we can include it. We are taking fewer pictures and more videos now! So check out our YouTube Channel   Bat Houses Customer Bat House Installations 20 Photos Bat Houses 7 Photos ... 

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Our Bat eStore

Our New NEW Bat eStore (get it?  Bat eStore… Batty Store… yeah well) is online!  Once again we out grew our ecommerce software quickly and had to move up. We opened our new eStore on BigCommerce and the features are amazing including the ability to ship each item in your order to a different address!!!!!   DNR and the Corp of Engineers LOVES that feature. Check it out at Habitat For Bats  Read More